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Why can there be diffrences in the waiting time?

The quality of care is our main priority. However, it may happen that some patients have a complex ocular pathology (lens, retina, iris, etc.) which take longer than expected to be treated. In this case, we obviously take the time necessary for them to have all the quality of care they need. This can then occasionally lead to a longer waiting time than expected. We inform you by a display on the screens of the center. As this can vary very quickly, we cannot yet provide you with the information by text message or on our eye center website.

Why can there be a lot of delay before you have a date slot?

Some of our eye care centers have to cope with a considerable demand for appointments due to the decline in medical demographics. They then do everything possible to increase their reception capacities and meet this strong demand. This is also why we regularly seek to open new centers, especially in areas where the demand for care is greater than the supply and where patients therefore sometimes wait months before having an appointment with a doctor. vision professional.

Why can there be variations in the consultation fees?

The prices charged in ophthalmology are strictly regulated by regulations. They depend in particular on your treatment path, the procedures performed, the days of consultation (public holidays, etc.), or the sector of the opthalmologist who examines you. A moderate excess can also be applied with tact and moderation and within the regulatory framework. In all cases, our prices are displayed in clear in the center and on our website. Finally, depending on your complementary health (mutuelle), these possible overruns may be covered, in particular under responsible contracts.

Why am I seeing two doctors?

In reality, you do not see two doctors but only one: you first see an orthoptist, paramedical, health professional registered, then an ophthalmologist.

The orthoptist is an expert in refraction and complementary ophthalmological examinations. It is he who provides the valuable measurements that the ophthalmologist needs for the consultation. The practitioner validates all the data collected by the orthoptist, checks them if necessary, and performs the medical part of the consultation. The ophthalmologist edits a prescription depending on the case and gives you a report of the consultation.

What is an Orthoptist?

An orthoptist is a health professional, trained in refraction, orthoptic rehabilitation and complementary ophthalmology examinations.

It is a profession regulated by a decree of competence.
Orthoptists are experts in taking measurements. You might not realize it, but the machines they use in our vision centers are marvels of technology. They are the ones who know how to use them and they allow them to provide very precise measurements of your visual acuity to the ophthalmologist.

Why do i feel that the ophthalmological consultation seems to be short?

You may feel that the ophthalmologist spends very little time with you. But in fact, he has already started reviewing your file as soon as the orthoptist gave him the information. On average, this “hidden” consultation time for you lasts several minutes, and sometimes much longer. Then comes your visit to the ophthalmologist where he can deepen certain points if necessary, especially in the case of atypical visual pathologies (glaucoma, cataracts, etc.). The average time an ophthalmologist devotes to you is 10 minutes, the same goes for the orthoptist, which means that on average, you spend 20 minutes with the health professionals at the center.

Why do people who came after me go to the ophthalmologist before me?

This is far from the most common case, but it can happen.

There are two reasons for this :

By default, the orthoptist who receives you will send you, according to your medical file, to the doctor most able to take charge of your case,

Patients are called based on their booked consultation time, not their arrival time at the center.
Obviously, our teams on site also try to optimize the queue in real time, to minimize everyone's waiting time.

The waiting times of our orthoptists and doctors are displayed on the screens of our centers, which also broadcast information.

Why can't I reach you on the phone?

The preferred way to make an appointment is our website. However, we provide our patients with a telephone number which depends on each of our centers. Telephone reception is then provided during very specific time slots, which depend on each center and are automatically announced to you when you call.